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The Pangasinan Public School Teachers Mutual Aid Benefits Association INC (PPSTMBA), formerly Teachers Association of Pangasinan, Inc. (TAP) is a private, non-stock, non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a licensed Mutal Benefit Association by the Insurance Commission (IC). It is a professional organization which safeguards the rights and privileges of teachers in general and PPSTMBA members in particular. It operates certain programs such as the Mutual Aid System otherwise known as “Abuluyan”, Basic Life Insurance Plan (BLIP), and the Emergency Relief Assistance (ERA). It also extends financial aid to teachers who are enrolled during summer through its Educational Assistance Program.

PPSTMBA owns and manages the Teachers Building located along Maramba Boulevard, Lingayen, Pangasinan, the 4-Door Apartments behind the Teachers Building and the 12-Door Apartments at Libsong East, Lingayen, Pangasinan.

It is also affiliated with the Philippine Public School Teachers Association (PPSTA), the Region I Public School Teachers Association (RIPSTA) and the Teachers Club in each district of Pangasinan

The management of PPSTMBA is vested in the Board of Directors elected at large in a Representative Assembly by secret ballot.


Humble Beginnings

The Pangasinan Public School Teachers Mutual Aid Benefits Association, formerly Teachers Association of Pangasinan (TAP), was not built in a single day. Nor did it attain success and growth overnight. Nor did it start with a silver spoon as an endowment from the past. The TAP started from the vision and the dream of the teachers of Pangasinan – to bind themselves together – that in time of need, suffering and even in triumph and joy, they share these with one another.

So it was that in the 1960s, the teachers of Pangasinan made attempts to band themselves to put up an organization of what was then the forerunner of the TAP.

But then, the rivalry among the teachers and their leaders was so intense and afflictive that the organization was split into two blocs, the Progressives and the Grassroots. These two parties fought each other tooth and nail in every election. So bitter was the fight that even long after election time, the battle lines were still up.

The fight for political supremacy among the teachers of Pangasinan caused some teacher leaders to think of other alternatives. Every year, the elections were getting more costly and bitter. The way to brotherhood and unity was imperilled and challenged with protests, court cases and mutual recriminations.

Then in September 1968, some teacher leaders met in Urdaneta to find out ways and means of providing more effective leadership in teacher organizations. They came up with the idea of putting up a new teachers association in Pangasinan and aptly named it Pangasinan Division Public School Teachers Association (PDPSTA)

The leaders of the new Association included Edilberto A. Tamondong, Mariano O. Hidalgo, Perfecto B. Martin, Arturo M. Caronongan, Mamerto G. Paragas, Asterio Daligdig, Carlos G. Beltran, Ciriaco San Juan, Pompouso G. Rivera, Anselmo G. Untalan and Soledad M. Mendoza. Former Supt. Eduardo Q. Edralin helped in the early campaign for membership.

An Ad Interim Board was organized composed of Mariano O. Hidalgo as President, Arturo M. Caronongan, Vice-President; Rolendia S. Edralin, Board Secretary and Ciriaco San Juan, Auditor. The Board Members were Carlos G. Beltran, Anselmo G. Untalan, Pompouso G. Rivera, Belen P. Magat, Gonzalo Rosete, Edilberto A. Tamondong, Carlina S. Amansec, Perfecto B. Martin, Soledad N. Mendoza, Nemesio V. Perez and Renato R. Viray. The treasurer was Jose A. Padilla. The main office was a small partitioned space at the Lingayen I Central School. A sub-office was put up at the Home Economics building at Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan. The staff was composed of volunteers.

From a simple beginning, born amidst difficulties and trials, the PDPSTA started to function. Every inch of the way was an uphill struggle and only the faith of its leaders and a handful of their teachers kept it alive in its most trying times.

On December 17, 1968, the Constitutional Convention held in Lingayen ratified the by-laws of the PDPSTA. This was followed by the registration of the association with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 28, 1969.

In the election held on June 23, 1969, Edilberto A. Tamondong became the first elected president of the PDPSTA.

Fate has willed it that the PDPSTA survive the various crises that marked its struggle for recognition. As if all those were not enough, it found itself one day to be a party to a court litigation on the question of which association shall represent the teachers of Pangasinan in the PPSTA.

There were a lot of maneuverings, inside and outside the PPSTA as both teacher associations tried to lobby. This was in 1969 and extended up to 1971. For three years, the controversy raged. In the 27th PPSTA Annual Representative Assembly and Elections, held in Quezon City in 1970, the PDPSTA delegates were almost disenfranchised by virtue of a court injunction obtained by the rival group.

The PPSTA was impartial to both sides during the controversy. It afforded the two rival groups every opportunity to present evidences and argue their case on the issue of representation. Leaders and supporters of the PDPSTA led by Atty. Mamerto G. Paragas, Edilberto Tamondong, Asterio Daligdig, Atty. Arturo M. Caronongan, and Perfecto B. Martin pleaded their case before the PPSTA board in the same manner that the rival group had its day to present its side.

While the PPSTA was deliberating on the question of representation, there were parallel actions that were taking place at the home front. At the time, the former Division of Pangasinan was already split into two divisions: Pangasinan Division I and Pangasinan Division II. Each was under a schools division superintendent. With this set up, some people organized the Pangasinan Division I Public School Teachers Association and on the other hand, the organization of the Pangasinan Division II Public School Teachers Association was simultaneously undertaken.

The muddled situation became more complicated. Instead of just two teacher associations claiming representation of the teachers of Pangasinan, it became four. The two latter teacher associations came into existence with the blessings of their respective school superintendents.

At this stage, the back of the PDPSTA officers and members of the board was against the wall. They had to go about the business of running the association and at the same time forge ahead with the fight for recognition. In some instances, both life and limb were at stake.

Men of lesser heart would have given up. It was like clutching the last straw – before the fateful moment that the PDPSTA would be no more in the event of a court decision and the PPSTA Board verdict on the matter would be adverse.

Then the unexpected happened! In September 1971, the PPSTA Board ruled that the Pangasinan Division Public School Teachers Association (PDPSTA) was the legal and true representative chapter affiliate of the PPSTA. The mother association took cognizance of the PDPSTA officially and in return, bestowed upon it the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. Not long after, the court case against the PDPSTA Board was also dismissed.

The Period of Rapid Expansion

By mid 1971, peace had come to the PDPSTA. It had outgrown its nearly problems and difficulties. With the change in administration, significant changes were instituted. One of the top priorities of the new President, Atty. Paragas, was a massive membership drive that would bring more teachers within the fold of the PDPSTA. In the process, they too, would be sharing with the benefits that the association offered.

The establishment of the Mutual Aid System was one of the crowning achievements of the PDPSTA. It was the result of a very productive study conducted by a committee headed by Board Members Asterio Daligdig and Perfecto B. Martin. One of the most difficult problems that the PDPSTA faced in the establishment of its Mutual Aid was the acquisition of a code number at the IBM. Finally, after much effort, CODE No. 045 was assigned to the PDPSTA, with the first deductions taking effect in May, 1971.

The period of rapid expansion in terms of membership as well as services started in the 1972-1973 Board. This coincided with the establishment of the New Society.

From the standpoint of membership alone, the total jumped to 4,352. The increase was almost 38 percent over that of the previous year. As the PDPSTA started to accumulate funds for its reserve, the Board began to explore possibilities for initiating various services designed to help the teachers.

In 1973. The Mutual Aid coverage was raised to P6,000.00. In that same year, the Emergency Relief Assistance (ERA) was implemented as a service arm of the PDPSTA.

For the first time, the PDPSTA had a general manager: Edilberto Tamondong; legal consultant, Atty. Arturo M. Caronongan; accountant, Marietta B. Sorio. The new treasurer was retired Supt. Eduardo Q. Edralin, who replaced Jose A. Padilla.

From 1975 to 1977, there were minor changes in the PDPSTA Board. Atty. Paragas was again elected president and when he went on leave of absence, Felixberto R. Ramos became the acting president. One significant achievement during this period was the construction of the present Teachers Building. Phase I was started till the end of the term of the Board.

Then came the 1977 PDPSTA Board elections. This was a milestone in the story of the PDPSTA because it was the break up of the solid bloc that managed PDPSTA affairs for so many years. It was an unfortunate event that pitted one faction against another of the founding fathers.

On one hand, Edilberto Tamondong, Asterio Daligdig and Maximo Bongolan together with their leaders formed a complete slate that opposed the one put up by Atty. Paragas, Perfecto Martin, Atty. Caronongan, Carlos Beltran and others. It was an election fight that had to be supervised by representatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Philippine Constabulary, and by the Superintendent of Schools for Pangasinan.

In the history of the PDPSTA, the 1977 election was the most divisive, replete with charges and counter-charges, mudslinging and a province-wide sally by both factions.

When the returns were tallied, Messrs. Daligdig, Bongolan, Tamondong and their entire slate lost. This event also marked the gradual retirement of the above gentlemen from active participation in the affairs of the PDPSTA.

However, the contributions of Edilberto Tamondong, Asterio Daligdig and Maximo Bongolan to the growth, stability and progress of the PDPSTA can not be denied. During the days when the existence of the PDPSTA was uncertain, when the organization was facing court cases, when membership was so low, both Tamondong and Daligdig were giving their all to the PDPSTA. Hence, their retirement from PDPSTA affairs was a great loss to the Association and to the teachers of Pangasinan.

In search of its own identity, the name of the association was eventually changed from Pangasinan Division Public School Teachers Association (PDPSTA) to Teachers Association of Pangasinan (TAP) during the 1977-1979 Board. This was in preparation for the eventual membership of private school teachers.

The Golden Age

Riding on the issues of change and reform, new faces won the elections of 1999. Eventually, there was a restructuring on the 1999-2004 TAP Board with Dr. Primo A. Mina as President; Rodolfo C. Tandoc, Vice President; and Victor J. Patawaran, Auditor. The members were Bernadette E. Amor, Teresita G. Cera, Aida O. Lecitona, Semelie J. Carrera, Fernando V. Demetria, Maria M. Domantay, Arturo L. Reyes, Ma. Cecilia J. Fernandez, Pompeyo T. Magali, Narciso G. Nagun, Lorenzo V. Suyat, Leandro C. Cruz, while Alejandro I. Quiton, Jr. was the Public Information Officer; Felix C. De Vera, Board Secretary; Violeta R. Castro, Treasurer; and Antonio B. Ligeralde, General Manager

In 2005 there was a change in leadership with Mr. Rodolfo C. Tandoc taking over the presidency while Dr. Primo A. Mina assumed the vice-presidency.

The implementation of needed reforms continued under the leadership of Dr. Primo A. Mina who assumed once again the presidency in 2009 together with the following officers: Guillermo N. Neypes, Vice President; and Pompeyo T. Magali, Auditor. The Board of Directors were Elpidio P. Calixtro, Ernesto P. Vinluan, Bernadette E. Amor, Onofre E. Lopez, Maria M. Domantay, Eddie V. Cancino, Alfredo DV. Rosquita, Erlinda B. Blando and Victor J. Patawaran.

After weathering the financial crisis that rocked the PPSTMBA during the 2005-2008 Board which resulted in the dismissal of three appointive officers, the TAP started to stabilize and prosper.

In 2012, the PPSTMBA was adjudged outstanding chapter of the PPSTA. In the same year, Board Director Teresita G. Cera romped off with the prestigious Outstanding Principal award in a national contest conducted by the PPSTA.

In 2001, PPSTMBA wrested political leadership and supremacy in teachers’ organizations in Region I. As the most outstanding PPSTA chapter in Region I, it is said that “TAP is Region I and Region I is TAP.”

Massive membership campaign was further launched. As a result, the income of the PPSTMBA increased. Funds became readily available for instant loans. As of July 2018, the status of membership shows that there are 13,855 teacher-members.

The urgent and popular clamor of retired members to enjoy in advance (“matikman”, “matawayan”, “maramanan”) the benefits of their Mutual Aid System membership while they are still alive, prompted the present (2017 Board) to implement the Early Redemption Plan. This proved to be a boon to the retirees so that many of them have already availed of the plan.

The schools division superintendents and their assistants were made advisers of the TAP on the Division level while the district monitoring supervisors were made advisers on the District level. This scheme virtually makes the management of the TAP a DepEd-TAP partnership.

Presently, the maximum amount which can be obtained by a member is P300,000.00 for a term of one to three years and availed of and processed in about 30 minutes after submission of a properly accomplished loan application form. Amendments to the by-laws of the TAP were made to keep it attuned and responsive to the changing times and needs of the members.

Existing programs, projects and activities continue to be implemented such as the Scholarship Program, Mutual Aid System and the Emergency Relief Assistance, the granting of awards/certificates to honor pupils/students and distribution of school district honoraria.

Improvement of physical facilities was undertaken to include purchase of new executive chairs for the board room, improvement of the board room, renovation of apartments, repair of the Teachers Building, improvement of its façade, purchase of a sound system and other structures.

The offices were streamlined to distinguish the treasury, the accounting section and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit from one another.

Time was when funds were not readily available for loans and other financial obligations. Never in the entire existence of the PPSTMBA has it been as healthy, stable, vibrant and robust as it is now, its 50th Founding Anniversary.

The putting up of a website in the second half of 2018, is one of the significant achievements of the PPSTMBA which has brought about untold benefits to members. Any data and information about records, transactions or application for loan and membership can now be availed of at the click of the member’s electronic communications gadget. The TAP website is www.taplingayen.com

All these are reasons to celebrate the 50th Founding Anniversary of the PPSTMBA with pride, dignity and honor; consonant with the theme “Sustaining Progress and Development Through The Years.”

  1. The late Eduardo Q. Edralin, former schools division superintendent of Pangasinan, authored the introduction in the original manuscript of “The Story of the Teachers Association of Pangasinan (TAP) (now PPSTMBA).” Aside from him; no other PPSTMBA personality appears to have written the story of the Association.
  2. After consulting knowledgeable members of the POPSTMBA, it was gathered that the late Superintendent Carlos G. Beltran may have put into print the story of the Association, he, being a writer and editor of the TAP Herald. To give credit where credit is due, this updated PPSTMBA History, it is acknowledged that Superintendent Beltran could have written the story of the PPSTMBA from its organization in 1968 up to 1998.
  3. The third part of “The Story of the Teachers Association of Pangasinan”, starting from The Golden Age was jointly drafted by Guillermo N. Neypes, retired schools district supervisor and Primo A. Mina, retired schools division superintendent.

March 30, 2019




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Mutual Aid System

Mutual Aid System otherwise known as “Abuluyan” provides life insurance protection to members of the association. The regular membership fee is Twenty Pesos (Php 20.00) monthly while the premium will depend on the age bracket of the member. These are payable up to age 70 only and it pays Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00) when a member dies. The beneficiaries listed on his/her membership form gets the financial assistance.

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Basic Life Insurance Plan (BLIP)

The Basic Life Insurance Plan (BLIP) is a policy that provides death and disability benefit to the beneficiary designated by the policyholder. This type of coverage aims to protect the loved ones of the insured member in case of death or total and permanent disability (TPD). The member-insured shall be charged P230.00 monthly as contribution for insurance coverage. Payment of this contribution shall entitle the member to an insurance coferage under this insurance program.

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Emergency Relief Assistance

The Emergency Relief Assistance (ERA) provides financial assistance to members with no collateral and low interest rate as mandated in DO#18 series of 2018 of the Department of Education. The loan will be released within the day if filed personally and payments are made easy through the Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS) of the DepEd. Latest Original Payslip for two consecutive months will be required for those availing higher loans such as the Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 300,000.00). Deped e-mail account is also a must.

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Programs and Services

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Early Redemption Plan (ERP)

Early Redemption Plan is an option given to retired members of the association who are in dire need of cash.

AgeERP Grant
71-75 50% of the Total Contribution
76-80 60% of the Total Contribution
81-85 70% of the Total Contribution
86-90 80% of the Total Contribution
91-100 100% of the Total Contribution
Educational Assistance Program

One of the programs that aimed to benefit the teachers is the granting of one-time educational assistance for those enrolled in the graduate and post graduate degree programs. The PPSTMBA Educational Assistance is a one-time financial aid offered to qualified members with at least 2 years or with a minimum of 24 months contributions. The assistance is offered to any members who are currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education or Doctor of Education degree programs. The assistance is in the amount of Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) which shall be released through the Treasurer of the association after its validation and approval. Read more...

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Membership Solicitation Program

In quest for a wider coverage, members are encouraged to solicit for new membership all over Pangasinan. An honorarium worth P250.00 per recruit is given to the solicitors. Read more...


PPSTMBA owns and manages the 3-storey main building (Teachers Building) located along Maramba Boulevard, Lingayen, Pangasinan. The first floor is being rented by two religious groups while the third floor is being rented by a TESDA accredited Technical-Vocational School, the 4-Door Apartments behind the Teachers Building and the 12-Door Apartments at Libsong East, Lingayen, Pangasinan. Read more...

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