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The Emergency Relief Assistance (ERA) provides financial assistance to members with no collateral and low interest rate as mandated in DO#18 series of 2018 of the Department of Education. The loan will be released within the day if filed personally and payments are made easy through the Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS) of the DepEd. Latest Original Payslip for two consecutive months will be required for those availing higher loans such as the Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 300,000.00). Deped e-mail account is also a must.


(PPSTMBA reserves the right to revise Terms and Conditions anytime.)

  1. PPSTMBA offers ERA loan to all qualified PPSTMBA members.
  2. Applicant should submit two consecutive original copies of his/her latest pay slips and a photocopy for the co-maker.
  3. Applicant must submit two (2) copies of loan application form. (See ERA Form)
  4. Signatories in the certification of the borrower shall be as follows:
    1. For elementary school teachers and personnel - Principal/Head Teacher/OIC
    2. For school heads and other education support staff - PSDS/OIC
    3. For secondary school teachers and personnel - Principal/OIC
  5. Recommendation for approval in the loan form shall be signed by the Secondary School/District Chapter President, as the case may be.
  6. New members can apply for a loan amounting to P 7,500.00 up to P 300,000.00 depending on their net take home pay and upon payment of MAS premium equivalent to two (2) months or upon effectivity of the first IBM deduction or upon remittance of the one (1) month deduction for MAS.
  7. Members under the Local Payroll System can avail of P 7,500.00 up to P 50,000.00 loan upon the effectivity of their first MAS premium deduction.
  8. Terminating deductions other than that of the Emergency Relief Assistance Loan shall not be considered in determining the net pay requirement.
  9. Secondary schools which are not under IBM but conscientiously paying their loan amortization can avail of the P 50,000.00 ERA Loan.
  10. The applicant and his co-maker should not be over 57 years old and 6 months for the P 20,000.00 to P 300,000.00 ERA Loan.
  11. Inactive applicants can avail ERA Loan only upon re-activation of their membership and by paying arearages.
  12. Unpaid loan will be paid in full before granting a renewal of loan.
  13. Submission of false or altered documents shall be sufficient ground for disapproval.
  14. If, for any reason, the borrower is unable to pay his/her loan, the deduction will be borne by the co-maker.
  15. Any loan balance becomes due and demandable upon retirement or separation of member from the service or upon withdrawal from TAP membership prior to the termination of loan. All past due accounts are subject to penalty charges at a rate consistent with DepEd guidelines.

(PPSTMBA reserves the right to accept, process, approve and release loans to members. – Date of approval)

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