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Mutual Aid System otherwise known as “Abuluyan” provides life insurance protection to members of the association. The regular membership fee is Twenty Pesos (Php 20.00) monthly while the premium will depend on the age bracket of the member. These are payable up to age 70 only and it pays Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00) when a member dies. The beneficiaries listed on his/her membership form gets the financial assistance.


Age group Premiums
30 below P55.00
31-34 below P60.00
35-39 P75.00
40-44 P100.00
45-50 P125.00

* P20 Monthly membership fee

* The list of requirements for membership as well as the terms and conditions of the program are indicated in the application form.


  1. Public School teachers and employees of the Department of Education in the divisions of Pangasinan I & II and all the covering cities therein and employees of the PPSTMBA who are in active service and are not yet members of this association are qualified to apply for membership provided they are not more than Fifty (50) years of age and are certified by a duly licensed physician to be physically and medically fit.
  2. The applicants must file his/her application in the prescribed form.
    1. Any false statement in the application shall disqualify him/her and his/her beneficiaries from any benefit.
    2. Any member may change his/her beneficiaries anytime in writing signed by him/her under oath and effective after Thirty days (30) upon receipt of such request for change in the PPSTMBA Office.
  3. Upon retirement, resignation or transfer to another branch of service, any member may continue his/her membership by paying his membership fee and the stipulated dues.
  1. An applicant for membership shall pay an entrance fee of Twenty (P20.00) pesos at the time of application and a monthly membership fee of Twenty (P20.00) pesos and monthly death aid premium contribution schedule of his/her age. (refer to ENROLMENT). Death aid dues will continuously be paid up to age Seventy (70) by:
    1. direct remittance to the PPSTMBA office either by Postal Money Order or in cash. If paid by money order or in cash the dues are considered upon receipt at the PPSTMBA office.
    2. Monthly salary deduction.
  1. Application shall be processed by a committee composed of the President of the PPSTMBA, Chairman of Membership Committee and the Auditor as members, Membership shall take effect upon actual payment of the monthly MAS due as stipulated under Rule A, (Membership) either by direct payment or through salary deduction.
  2. A certificate of membership together with the copy of the approved application shall be issued to every member after the first payment of the MAS dues.
  1. Any member who fails to pay the monthly death aid due shall be given a grace period of NINETY (90) days within which to pay his dues. If such payment is not made, membership shall be considered lapsed. No benefits shall be given to lapsed membership. Membership and death aid dues will continuously be paid up to age Seventy (70).
  1. Membership may however be reactivated if the member pays a reactivation fee of THREE HUNDRED PESOS ONLY (P300.00) and all of his arrears. He/She must show proof of good health by presenting a verified medical certificate by a competent physician attesting to his/her good health.
  2. Reactivation of membership shall take effect only after One (1) month from receipt of the medical certificate and payment for contributions in arrears. The lapsed membership of those who are already Sixty Five (65) years old or older shall no longer be reactivated. Members who had not outlived the Thirty (30) days grace period after reactivation will not be entitled to any benefit.
  1. Upon death of any member, anyone may notify the PPSTMBA office of such death. If the deceased has been verified as a MAS member in good standing the association shall pay the benefit of Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000.00) to the beneficiaries as soon as possible.
  2. Upon reaching the age sixty-five (65), the member will be awarded an equity value which is equivalent to twenty five percent (25%) of the MAS benefit.
  3. To insure that membership will not lapse up to age 70, the premiums for the next five (5) years shall be deducted from the amount to be awarded to the member.

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